The CDC lists four main risk factors for preventable chronic diseases:

Tobacco Use

Poor Nutrition

Lack of Physical Activity

Excessive Alcohol Use

As a society, we’ve taken aggressive steps to address three of those four risk factors.

Think of the resources dedicated to smoking cessation, diet, and exercise. Individuals and employers have countless programs, trainers, apps, websites, and more to address these risks. But excessive alcohol use is seldom addressed.

We know excessive alcohol use costs employers billions of dollars in lost productivity and healthcare expense.

In addition, companies face enormous potential liabilities from employees who drink excessively. Yet excessive alcohol use remains largely unaddressed until after an employee goes too far.

What if we could expose and eliminate alcohol’s devastating cost to corporations?

What if we could finally address the last risk factor the CDC claims is impacting the lives of millions of Americans?

What if we could take care of business by taking care of people?

What if we could help your company save money, reduce risk, and improve employee health?

We can. Let us show you how.

We aspire to reduce the financial and liability impact of alcohol on organizations through analysis, education, communication, and primary prevention to employers and employees.

Work with us to collectively

Eliminate Alcohol’s Devastating Costs

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Yates

Brian leads the organization in strategic planning and client engagement.  He brings more than 15 years of federal and local law enforcement experience, during which he observed the culturally devastating effects of alcohol consumption. Brian went on to start and manage multiple successful businesses including a government contracting company leading a multinational workforce abroad and an executive protection company providing services to high net worth individuals and their families.  After completing graduate studies at Liberty University, he has developed a passion for investing in people and their wellbeing.


Chris Pridmore

Chris is responsible for organizational development and growth objectives. He brings over 20 years of sales and leadership experience in healthcare with companies like Johnson & Johnson and Becton Dickinson.  Through a devastating season battling alcohol addiction, he has become a voice of the power of faith, grit, courage and commitment to a plan of recovery and hope.  Chris has taken his experiences and message to work as an outspoken advocate for life recovery, with engagement as a panelist at South by Southwest (SXSW2020), the American College of Emergency Physicians, peer work in an emergency room setting and as a published author and podcast co-host. For further impact and commitment, he is an Ambassador for the national non-profit Shatterproof.

Chief Marketing Officer

Amit Chitre

Amit drives the communications and marketing strategy for 100 Proof Living and brings more than 25 years of experience from various roles and industries.  His career includes work as a TV news reporter/anchor and public relations Senior Account Executive.  Later, as interim Executive Vice President of communications at the American Heart Association, he led communications efforts for many national health and wellness initiatives.  Prior to joining 100 Proof Living, Amit founded a communications consultancy specializing in healthcare and education.

We achieve results through inspiration, motivation, and education.
In essence, we take care of business by taking care of people.

Our business is founded on the following core values:

Evidence-based decision-making




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100 Proof Living is an evidence-based corporate wellness solution designed to help companies understand, identify, and address the significant burden of excessive alcohol use in the work environment.

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