Protecting businesses from alcohol’s hidden costs.


Reduce Risk


Manage Costs


Improve Employee Health

to uncover hidden costs

The CDC warns excessive alcohol use is a crisis in the United States costing employers…

$179 Billion

per year in lost productivity

$28 Billion

per year in healthcare costs

Untold liability

from potential accidents, poor judgment, and alcohol-related incidents.

Your company may be underwriting the hidden costs of excessive alcohol use.

100 Proof Living is a corporate wellness solution designed to uncover and eliminate your company’s hidden cost and liabilities from excessive alcohol use.

Reduce Risk

Manage Costs

Improve Employee Health

Virtually every company is paying a hidden cost, and carrying a hidden risk, for excessive alcohol use.


of workers who reported being hung-over at work.


of full-time workers who drink heavily on the job at least once a month.


of workers who report being impaired by alcohol at work at least one time during the past year.


of workers who report seeing a cooworker using or impaired by alcohol during the workday within the last 12 months.


Health care costs for employees with excessive alcohol use compared to other employees.

Proof Positive

Recognizing the Impact of 100 Proof Living

  • The CDC states that only one in ten binge drinkers have a dependence on alcohol. Binge drinking is the real dilemma for corporations. While many wellness programs focus on the one in ten, 100 Proof Living uniquely focuses on the nine in ten that generate the greatest cost and liability to organizations. They are truly innovative in providing solutions to these problems for employers.

    Dr. Ellen Edens Associate Professor, Yale University School of Medicine
  • We can no longer deny the negative impact of excessive alcohol use-- short-term and long-term health issues, lost productivity, poor decisions, and untold potential liability from violence, accidents, harassment and sexual misconduct.  As CEO of a third-party administrator, I see these alcohol-related claims every day.  The issue of alcohol in the work environment is far more serious than most people realize.

    Mark Dyer CEO, Hawaii Mainland Administrators (HMA)
  • Gray area drinking comprises a wide spectrum of drinkers between a social drinker and an alcoholic. Most gray area drinkers realize that saying no to the second or third drink is hard to do. They also drink more often than they intend. It is a constant power struggle of energy to keep up the facade that they’re fine.  100 Proof Living is the first to recognize how alcohol in the work environment contributes to this crisis, and the first to help companies address it head on.

    Kari Schwear Author, Speaker, Coach

Eliminate Alcohol’s Devastating Costs

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100 Proof Living is an evidence-based corporate wellness solution designed to help companies understand, identify, and address the significant burden of excessive alcohol use in the work environment.

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